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The All Terrier Club of Alberta (ATCA) was formed in 1969 by a small group of avid Terrier enthusiasts to

help promote the Terrier breeds in the province of Alberta.  We are one of the oldest All Terrier Group

Clubs in Canada that still maintains our goal of being a resource for the Terrier breeds by providing

information on the Terrier breeds and encouraging and promoting responsible breeding, training and

showing of the Terrier breeds.

Over the years the ATCA has held educational seminars, workshops and classes.  We are always looking

for new ways to help understand and promote the Terrier breeds and are willing to assist or provide

whatever we can in new learning opportunities.  We are a small club with eager, dedicated members

who are always willing to answer questions or help out in the promotion of our Terrier breeds.  So if you

have a question about Terriers or are looking for an activity to do with your Terrier, please contact the

club, or better yet, join the club and be a member of the ATCA and help us do even more to promote the

Terrier breeds. 

Each year we hold an annual Specialty Show highlighting all the Terriers in the CKC Group 4.  For many

years we have held our show in conjunction with the Alberta Kennel Club set of summer shows, one of

the largest outdoor shows in Canada, which is currently being held at the breathtaking Spruce Meadows

Equestrian Centre.  We are extremely proud as club members that our Specialty Show has become one

of the largest All Terrier Shows in Canada with the most prize money given out at an All Terrier Show.  It

is amazing what a small group of dedicated individuals can do when they work together with a common

goal of hosting one of the best Terrier experiences you can have in Canada.  If you haven’t been to our

shows – why not?  It is something that you will need to experience – the beautiful show grounds, seeing

most of the top Terriers in Canada and enjoying the friendly Western Hospitality.  Hopefully we will see

you there.
Please enjoy our website and if there is any question you may have please feel free to